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EVANDE - Enhancing Volunteer Awareness and education against Natural Disasters through E-learning


Welcome to the e-learning multimedia platform of the European project EVANDE!

The e-learning platform aims to offer training opportunities to civil protection volunteers and local authorities’ staff in Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. It supports interactive services between the instructors and the trainees and operates 4 web-seminars (educational programs) on earthquakes, floods, forest fires and European civil protection policies.

Each web-seminar contains a series of courses in which every trainee should register to attend. Registration is free of charge. The web-seminars cover topics such as hazard description; risk assessment; prevention; preparedness and recovery. In addition, the web-seminars present indicative case studies and best practices on civil protection in Europe. The aims, objectives, structure and contents of each course as well as instructions for the attendance are presented in the syllabus of each course. Each course contains various educational units with digital material such as presentations, documents, resources, assignments and assessments.

After successful completion of the training the trainees will receive a certification of attendance. The platform and the courses are available in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian.

For further information about the EVANDE project and its activities, please visit the official website of the project ( or contact the involved partner organizations. 

For further information on how to use of the e-learning platform, please watch the video tutorials available here or contact us for technical assistance (select Contact from the top right menu).

The EVANDE project is co-funded by the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, Grant Agreement No.ECHO/SUB/2014/693261.

Thank you for your interest!
The EVANDE project team

Civil protection volunteers and local authorities’ staff training (in English)
Εκπαίδευση εθελοντών και στελεχών Πολιτικής Προστασίας (Ελληνικά)
Обучения за доброволци и служители в местните администрации, занимаващи се с гражданска защита (български)
Voluntarios de protección civil y formación del personal en autoridades locales (Εspañol)
Formazione dei volontari di protezione civile e del personale delle autorità locali (Italiano)
Training on the e-learning platform
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